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Got an Emergency? Let's help Broadcast!

5:41pm, Fri 16th October, 2015


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Dear All,

Is there an Emergency in progress that you feel everyone should know about? Like an Armed Robbery in Progress? Riot or Protest? Fire? Kidnapped Persons? Stolen Vehicle, etc? Please let us know and once verified we'll send out an Alert on our Emergency Twitter Broadcast Platform with the capacity to reach over 500k Followers.

Gone are the days where we sit and wait for the Nine O'Clock news to know what's happening around us. A delay in disseminating critical information, especially in times of peril can be the difference between LIFE and DEATH, serious injury or damage to personal property.

That's why we're building an Emergency Broadcast Platform "For the People, by the People" to help spread verified information as quickly as possible. If you're interested in this purely humanitarian and non-profit initiative and want to pledge your support then please visit the page below for more detailed information and steps on how to join.

Remember... "A Tweet can Save a LIFE!"

Have a Great Weekend and God Bless!

Best Regards,
~The Traffic Chief

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