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Peak Traffic Robbery Incidents in Lagos

4:43pm, Fri 28th August, 2015


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Dear All,

I知 certain most of you are aware of the increasing number of reports of attacks on passengers in private vehicles during peak traffic periods in several parts of Lagos.

The assailants typically target occupants of vehicles, forcing them at gunpoint to part with cash and other valuables such as handbags, wallets, jewellery, phones, laptops, etc. On occasion these assailants are violent and carry out 都mash-and-grab attacks where they break the wind-shields or side windows of vehicles in an attempt to intimidate or rob motorists of their belongings. Most times, these criminals are armed and could escalate the violence if they are resisted. They often operate in groups of 2 or more under the guise of street hawkers and beggars to prospect for potential victims in traffic situations.

Although there is a deliberate effort by the Police in Lagos State to increase the presence of their officers on-ground around known hot-spots in an attempt to mitigate criminal activities; motorists in transit are still largely exposed while in traffic.

Some of the areas where these incidents have been recurring include: Mile 2, Trade Fair Complex, Ijora, Marina, CMS, Costain, Surulere, Mushin, Ojota and Oshodi. The assailants usually operate between the hours of 4:00am and 6:30am in the morning, and 7:30pm and 10:00pm at night.

In view of this, we advise you to:

Maintain a high sense of vigilance at all times while in traffic.
Keep valuable items well out of sight while driving.
Avoid using your cell phones in traffic, especially in high-risk areas.
Avoid driving alone (if possible); lone drivers are perceived to be more vulnerable and are more likely to be attacked.
It is widely believed that driving in the middle lane is much safer than driving on either side of the road.
Ensure your door windows are wound up and doors locked while in stationary or slow-moving traffic.
If you find yourself in such a situation, don稚 resist, your life is worth much more than whatever it is they池e trying to steal. Seek emergency assistance immediately after.

Don't let this information end with you. Pass it on, share with Family members and Friends. It could help someone avoid being yet another victim of traffic robbery.

Stay safe and God bless!

Best Regards,
~The Traffic Chief

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