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Past Traffic Incidents

This is a compilation of some of the most eventful traffic incidents we've ever come across in the state of Lagos, Nigeria. Take a minute or two to browse through, you may find something interesting.

Do you recall any major traffic incident in the past that we've missed? Please recommend it to us!

Trailer Falls Off Ojuelegba Bridge

Wednesday 2nd September, 2015

A Trailer with an unstrapped Container skids off Ojuelegba Bridge crushing 2 cars and some pedestrians. Yet another unfortunate event highlighting the lapses in Trailer Safety Enforcement.

Ascon Fuel Station Fire

Thursday 26th March, 2015

Ascon Fuel Station in Lekki Phase 1 near the Link Bridge caught fire sometime mid-day. According to reports the fire started at the point where the tanker tried to refill the reservoir. No life was lost but both tankers & a number of cars were destroyed.

Sunady Lekki Lockdown

Sunday 16th November, 2014

A Tanker topples along Chevron Roundabout. Bystanders rush in to scoop up fuel. Reports say in a bid to extort money an Area boy was wrestling the wheel with the driver while the Tanker was in motion! All the makings of your typical Lagos Bad Traffic Day.


Wednesday 15th October, 2014

In a bid to reduce noise pollution & promote road courtesy the Lagos State Government challenged Lagosians not to use their horns for a whole day (15th of October, 2014). Check out this Map if you're interested in knowing what transpired on that day.

Ikota Bridge Incident II

Friday 3rd October, 2014

Another major Ikota Bridge accident, early hrs of Oct 3. No concrete details about the cause, only speculations about a woman asleep behind the wheel crossing into VI-bound traffic colliding with an oncoming bus resulting in the death of 3 people.

Soldiers vs BRT

Friday 4th July, 2014

Soldiers vandalise and burn BRT Buses on Ikorodu Road over the Death of their colleague. Allegedly a BRT bus hit and killed a soldier who was riding a bike on a BRT lane.

#BringBackOurGirls Lagos Protest Rally

Friday 9th May, 2014

The NGO Women for Peace & Justice held a protest rally in support of the #BringBackOurGirls incident. The rally start from the Police HQ on Moloney Street, passed through Ikoyi and ended up at Falomo roundabout.

Mobil Filling Station Fire

Wednesday 19th March, 2014

Amidst a Nationwide Fuel Scarcity Crisis, the Mobil Filling Station at the intersecting roundabout between Oba Akran Avenue and Akilo road erupted into flames at the wee hours of Wednesday 19th April. [6.616609,3.33598]

Stampede @ Abuja National Stadium

Saturday 15th March, 2014

On Saturday 15th of April over 2 million Nigerian job applicants stormed the Abuja National Stadium struggling to secure a spot to take the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS) Aptitude Test.

Independence Tunnel Drop

Thursday 6th February, 2014

In the early hours of the 6th of February a truck falls off Maryland Bridge and lands at the exit of Independence Tunnel causing a lot of traffic for early morning commuters. No casualties were reported.

Avensis Write-Off

Saturday 25th January, 2014

A brand new Toyota Avensis on its way to Ikeja from VI didn't make it passed 3rd Mainland Bridge when it collided with a VW Jetta. Fortunately there were no fatalities. Kudos to the Lagos State Ambulance Service & LASTMA who arrived on the scene quickly.

Tyre Blowout at 120Kmph

Tuesday 7th January, 2014

A serious accident on Lagos 3rd Mainland Bridge on Tuesday January 7th 2014 @ 10:30 a.m. A black Prado SUV lost its rear tire while on top speed causing the driver to lose control. The driver applied the brakes suddenly causing the car to somersault.

The Ikota Bridge Incident

Monday 18th November, 2013

A very tragic incident that saw the untimely demise of 3 school kids trying to cross the road at Ikota Bridge to get to school. The Ikota community boys proceeded to barricade both lanes of Lekki-Epe expressway which lasted for half the day.

MRS Barge Explosion

Wednesday 9th January, 2013

At around mid-day there was an explosive eruption at an MRS Barge in Apapa which had all residents and workers in the area panicking. Check out some of the tweets and pictures that circulated during this eventful day.

Oko Baba Sawmill Fire

Tuesday 8th January, 2013

Commuters returning home from work crossing third mainland bridge at around 6pm were witnesses to the fire at the Sawmill just across the water. Third Mainland Bridge slowed to a crawl as people stopped to take pictures and witness the horror.

Lagos Flooding

Thursday 27th September, 2012

Lagos State is no stranger to flooding. On this day the rain started calmly like any other rainy day but refused to stop, instead it escalated. Poor drainage didn't help matters and before you knew a good portion of Lagos was under water.

Bloody Sunday

Sunday 9th September, 2012

Sunday is known as the day of rest and is usually the slowest most quiet day of the Lagos week. This day in particular went contrary; there were so many reports of armed robberies and criminal activities occurring around the state throughout the day.

Crazy Traffic Day

Wednesday 22nd August, 2012

Just one of those days in Lagos State where the traffic was bad beyond comprehension. We can't really remember why the traffic was so bad, maybe President Goodluck Jonathan was in town. If you remember the reason please contact us!


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