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How does it Work?

The App works by crowdsourcing traffic reports from Twitter, interpreting the reports and sorting them by road (e.g. 3rd mainland bridge) and incident (e.g. accident, flood) and rendering the result on a Google Map for easy visualizing.

This makes our App the perfect tool for checking the traffic situation along the road you plan to take to work or back home.

Traffic Rules & Alerts

As a member of the platform you can setup free Traffic Alerts and we'll notify you by Email or Twitter mention whenever heavy traffic is reported on any road of your choosing.

To setup a Traffic Alert simply select the road you're interested in and click the slider at the top of the page to enable Alerts.

Traffic Density

Indicates Heavy Traffic on the Road

Indicates Medium Traffic on the Road

Indicates No Traffic on the Road

Road Activity

Traffic-Causing Obstacles

Construction Work


Criminal Activity

Fire Incident


Carpool Requests

Collapsed Buildings

Death Reports

Bad Roads/Pot Holes

Police Presence

How can I Contribute?

Traffic Map

View More Details
Click on the road you're interested in to display the latest tweets from people that have traffic information on that specific road. Select the historic option to displays past traffic information.

Refresh Rate
Remember to refresh this page from time to time to ensure that the latest traffic information is being displayed on the map.

Move Around the Map
Hold down the left mouse button on the map and move the mouse to drag the map around. You can also type in the name of a street in the text box to jump directly there.

Zoom in or Out
Press the plus or minus button on the left of the screen to zoom in or out of the map. Alternatively you can double-click on the map with the left mouse button to zoom in and the right mouse button to zoom out


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