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Diesel Adulteration and Pump Adjustment

Posted 12:43am, Sun 1st June, 2014 by Afolayan Sodiq

Guest Post by Sodiq Afolayan, COO of Aveolar

In Nigeria of today, it is not a gainsaying that use of diesel and its cost take a very large percentage of businesses operational expenses with its implication of increase in production cost and selling price of goods and services. The banks, schools, hospitals, manufacturing companies, residence, haulage and logistics business etc all need diesel for business to run. However, there are several challenges faced with diesel supplied by diesel suppliers/filling stations. The major ones are "diesel adulteration" and "short supply".

Diesel Adulteration and Implications (Mixing of Kerosene with Diesel)
According to SON, "the presence of kerosene in diesel is as high as 77.1 percent". Therefore, there is a very slim probability that you are not a victim of adulterated diesel. Unfortunately, these diesel are always at a very cheap rate since suppliers/filling stations have been able to reduce the cost by adding kerosene and other chemical substance. Therefore, it becomes very attractive to many.

Below are some of the consequence of buying cheap adulterated diesel:

Frequent breakdown which increases downtime and shrink profit.
High cost of maintenance
Fast burning of diesel
Mal-functioning of the engine, failure of components, safety problems. The problem gets further magnified for high performance modern engines.
Increased tailpipe emissions of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), particulate matter (PM) and can also cause increased emissions of air toxin substances which is dangerous to health.
Adulterants alter the chemistry of the base fuel rendering its quality inferior to the required commensurate fuel quality for the vehicles. This in turn affects the combustion dynamics inside the combustion chamber of vehicles increasing the emissions of harmful pollutants significantly.
In some cases effects of adulteration are indirect- for example, large scale diversion of rationed kerosene subsidized for household use to the diesel sector for mixing with diesel not only hamper engine performance of diesel vehicles, but also deprives the poor of kerosene which can otherwise be used for cooking and as a consequence of lack of availability of subsidized kerosene force the poor to continue to use biomass which expose them to high levels of indoor pollution.

Diesel Short Supply
In the diesel supply business/filling station, it is an "abnormal normality" for diesel suppliers to under-supply customers by adjusting their internal dispense counting meter. This is popularly known as "pump adjustment". Though, there is a tolerant adjustment of 0.5 liter on every 20 liters by the government in the expectation that it will cover for possibility of over dispense. Unfortunately, dubious diesel suppliers have taken advantage of this to cheat. According to our market research, customers lose 2 liters on every 20 liters purchased on the average. This implies that you lose 200 liters on every 1,000 liters.

Aveolar can help you Save Money
Diesel adulteration and short supply will no doubt astronomically increase your diesel cost. At Aveolar, our diesel is premium quality and does not burn fast. We do not adjust our meter and supply you accurate quantity dispensed. We have had testimonies from several customers that we wouldl be willing to share with you on request.

Need our Services?
We can deliver diesel at your door step. We also manage a Mobil filling station on Lagos-Ibadan express way, opposite NASFAT praying ground, Mowe/Ibafo. You can reach us through:

Mobile Number: +2348030453937, +2348095896841, +2348127391821
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Office Address: KM 47, Lekki Epe Express Way, Majek Bus Stop, Abijo, Ibeju Lekki (from Ajah, about 5 minutes drive after Lagos Business School)

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