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Traffic Chief Emergency Alert System

Posted 12:57pm, Mon 16th February, 2015 by Trafficchief

An Alert System to help warn the Public about Emergency Situations

While operating our Twitter account (as usual) we noticed a trend where events happened to specific users and they urgently needed the help of Influential Twitter accounts to broadcast emergency messages quickly and continuously in the hope that the information would somehow reach the ears (or eyes) of key stakeholders. For example, a user's car just got stolen (if you live in Lagos then you'll understand that the more time you waste, the less likely you're ever going to see your car again) and they need to quickly broadcast details about the car (make, model, colour, license plate number, etc) with the hope that someone out there may see it and contact them back or alert the police.

What we Propose
We're setting up an Emergency Alert System on our site to send multiple automated twitter alerts when our users report any kind of emergency. For example, if your vehicle is stolen or there's a crisis in your area, we'll shoot out auto-tweets to alert others. For the meantime our network of influencers will handle sending out the automated tweet alerts but in the long run we'll give others a chance to signup and lend their handles so that the tweet alerts get more coverage.

Update 16/07/15
So far we have 246 Volunteers with a Total Combined Reach of 356,553 Followers. This is a great start but we know we have the potential to reach Millions! So make a difference and Donate a Tweet to help Broadcast Important Information in times of Crisis.

Remember, to Volunteer your Twitter Account for this Humanitarian Cause simply follow this link and Sign in with Twitter:

Update 14/05/15
The Emergency Alert System is now LIVE! Follow this Link to view the Official Page. Twitter Users can now Volunteer Tweets to the cause by granting our Twitter App the right to post Tweets on their behalf. Please rest assured that your Twitter handle WILL NOT be used to broadcast obscene, vulgar, immoral or advertising material. Are you interested in Volunteering a Tweet to help broadcast alerts in times of Emergency? Follow this Link and click on the "Sign in with Twitter" button to Volunteer. You could save a life!

Whenever we receive an Emergency Report we'll post information about it on our platform and the Twitter Accounts of all our Volunteer users will tweet the exact same information simultaneously to guarantee a wider coverage.

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