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Brand Promotion Packages

Would you like to recruit us for your marketing campaign to help sensitize the public or drive awareness about your brand, product, service or event? Please refer below for our available services and prices.

Tweets HOT!

₦20,000 per Month
For just ₦20,000 you can get a total of 150 advertising Tweets from @TrafficChiefNg (65,027 followers) posted 5 daily over a period of 1 Month (30 days from Monday to Sunday) on our Twitter platform.

Tweets HOT!

₦100 per Tweet
Get your Ads Tweeted by @TrafficChiefNg to our 65,027 followers on Twitter. You will need to provide us with the Tweets you would like us to use.

Re-Tweets HOT!

₦50 per Re-Tweet
Get your Tweets Re-tweeted by @TrafficChiefNg to our 65,027 followers on Twitter. You will need to post the Tweets via your own Twitter Account.

Twitter Header HOT!

₦1,000 per day
The Twitter header is the background image on the @TrafficChiefNg profile page visible to all our 65,027 followers. You will need to provide us with an image to use.

Website Banner Ads

₦500 per day
The header banner is visible at the top of every page of our website. You will need to provide us with 2 images with dimensions 728x90 (for pc devices), and 320x50 (for mobile devices).

Sponsored Article

₦1,000 per Week
Get your Article featured on the home page and every blog page of our website. We will also actively promote your article on social media for the service duration. You will need to provide us with the Article.

Tweet Feed

₦5,000 per Week
Subscribe to this package and we Re-tweet everything you Tweet to boost your Tweet's social reach, e.g. Tweet feeding Articles from a Blog. Or do you own a site where products are listed, e.g. cars or items for sale? We can auto-scrape your site and post your products on our timeline with back-links to your site so they get more exposure.


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