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What is a #TrafficRule?

Think of a traffic rule as an instruction that you give TrafficChiefNG.com to notify you via email or sms whenever a specific event occurs on a specified route. The "event" and "route" within this context can be anything you choose. Examples of events include accidents, heavy traffic, flooding, criminal activity, etc. Examples of routes include Third Mainland Bridge, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Western Avenue, Ikorodu Road, etc.

Typical Scenarios
Permit us to get in your head for a moment. Just imagine you were at home on a Saturday morning at Ajah and had to dash out to VI on an errand, then you receive an alert on your phone stating that fighting was going on at Ajah and that gun shots had been fired.

Let's give you another scenario; Imagine you were about to leave work at the end of the day and you received an alert that the president was in town and that all major roads had been barricaded to facilitate his transportation! It would be a cool service to have wouldn't it? Like your own personal traffic intelligence network made up of thousands of fellow Nigerians all sharing traffic info on the road.

Become a #TrafficChief!
Imagine receiving email or sms alerts on your mobile phone before you approach police checkpoints, or when an accident occurs on the route you're about to take, or when armed robbers are operating in your neighborhood, etc.

What are the Requirements?
To take advantage of this FREE service you must be a registered user of TrafficChiefNG.com. Don't worry, registration is quick, easy and best of all absolutely FREE! So Register or Login to setup your very own FREE traffic rules and start receiving traffic alerts today.

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